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Fillipo Moretti was the Lord High Paladin and the captain of the Valkyrie Guard during The Fall of Gods 1 until his sudden disappearance six years later. During The Fall of Gods 2 the heroes ran into him deep within Abaddon. Fillipo had become a crazed and broken Neo-Human and attacked the heroes, but was eventually thrown down the Well of Souls which presumably killed him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fillipo was capable of summoning independent, mobile eyes within his direct vicinity, which were many times more advanced than normal human eyes and which directed their visual information directly to Fillipo's brain. This gave him an extreme advantage in battle and detection, considering he was capable of noticing even the tiniest amount of movement within a large area.


The Fall of Gods 1Edit

The Fall of Gods 2Edit

Fillipo awaited the heroes on the bridge spanning across the Well of Souls deep within Abaddon. He had become a Neo-Human and had gone insane, but the reasons for having become a Neo-Human, for having disappeared six years after The Fall of Gods 1, and for being within Abaddon, were never given. Fillipo engaged Dugal in combat, but during a brief power struggle where Dugal tried to rip the Neostigma seed from Fillipo's soul and Fillipo tried to corrupt Dugal's mind, Milus used his kinetic powers to throw Fillipo off the bridge, presumably to his death.