Emblem of Vatican City
The Lord High Commanders are the supreme commander of the greatest Roman military branches and intelligence agencies. There are a total of five Lord High Commanders at any time. Within the branches and agencies they command, they are known and addressed with unique and specific titles to distinguish them from the other Lord High Commanders. You can find these and more in the lists below.

Current Lord High CommandersEdit

Branch or Agency Title Officeholder
Roman Armed Forces Lord High Marshal Ansed Booth
Holy Inquisition Lord High Inquisitor Harold Montego
Crusader Corps Lord High Crusader Maximilian Fischer
Palatine Guard Lord High Paladin Celestia Morrigan
Holy Justiciary Lord High Justiciar Charles Bismarck

Former Lord High CommandersEdit

Title Officeholder Reason When
Lord High Inquisitor Bardarus Bismarck Was elected Bishop of Rome Four months after The Fall of Gods 1
Lord High Inquisitor Max Morton Assassinated Six years after The Fall of Gods 1
Lord High Paladin Fillipo Moretti Went missing Six years after The Fall of Gods 1
Lord High Crusader Alexander Theosus Presumed dead by Rome During The Fall of Gods 2

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