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Maximilian Fischer is the current Lord High Crusader. He is a powerful superwarrior capable of manipulating magma and melting solid rocks. Maximilian led an empty and miserable life until he was utterly defeated and spared by Dugal Cain, which filled Maximilian with passion and a single goal: to avenge his loss by defeating Dugal.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Maximilian's destructive powers are enormous, as he is capable of melting solid rocks down to magma and then manipulating this magma with enormous swiftness and accuracy. Despite these vast powers he prefers to fight with guns and swords, utilizing his magma-manipulating power as an area denial weapon.


During The Fall of Gods 1Edit

Maximilian enrolled at the Naval Academy of Rome, where he studied to becoming a commissioned officer in the Roman Marine Corps. During his time as a student he forged a friendly rivalry with Alexander Theosus, who would later invite Maximilian to join the Crusader Corps and serve as his lieutenant. The two men both fought against Londim during their time in the Marine Corps.

During The Fall of Gods 2Edit

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