The Banker walking down the street.

The Banker is a member of the Five. His goals and motives seem purely to serve the purpose of the group. His names seems to indicate that he handles the finance of the group, though this is unproven. His only apperance has been at meetings and battling the Horror Five.

Powers & AbiltiesEdit

Perfect Momentum-The Banker has the unique ability to produce perfect angular momentum. He always carries tons of heavy marbles around with him. He is able to throw said marbles and bank them off various nearby surfaces to hit a target with powerful force. In theory, he could do this with any object.

Hand to Hand Combat- The Banker is well versed in hand to hand combat. He specializes in no particular fighting style, but is able to tussle quite effectively.

Pistol- The Banker is highly skilled in using a pistol, as well as the other members of the Five. His marksmanship is highly proficent. His power also allows him to be quite effective at ricocheting bullets into targets.