The Fall of Gods 1: Act 3: Road to War
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Vital statistics
Participants Dugal Cain

Snowflake Le Vick

Demetrius Reznov

Ansed Booth

Max Morton

Jean Mumbasa

Eila Jaakola

Card Nasagori

Breail Rathal



James (Zero)


Bardarus Bismarck




Beta Nasagori







Date September 20-22, 2022
Location Berlin, Germany, Londim Empire

Rome, Roman Empire

Act 3: Road to WarEdit

This is the third act of The Fall of Gods 1 and the third act of The Fall of Gods role-play. It takes placethree months after the second act. It features the assaination of Londim's president and Mentar taking his place. Rome then prepares to launch war against Londim.

Summary of EventsEdit

The Plot for PowerEdit

The act begins with Dugal murdering a senator who is opposing the HUNT program. He is testing out his new powers of phasing and soundlessness. Mentar is pleased with the progression of events, who has used his assets to manipulate himself into a postion of greater power. Meanwhile, Max Morton is shown to have survived the blast from months previously, back at the Vatican. The Band has split into two sectors, after a fight among themselves. Card and Eila have moved to a boat in the ocean, while Ansed, Jean, and Snow are living back in Berlin to attempt to scout out HUNT.

After Dugal killls the senator, he returns to HUNT where Reznov informs him that a meeting has been called. Mentar has Reznov, Dugal, and Kurt report to him in his office. Mentar lays out a plan for HUNT to gain complete control. Dugal will lead a team of Phantoms to assasinate the President, leaving Mentar to assume the postion. Reznov, Dugal, and Kurt will assume control of the various military branches to keep the country in order.